The Reading Musical Foundation is now receiving Applications for Grants to be paid during the Foundation’s fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017, and ending June 30, 2018.

RMF has moved strongly toward funding programs, primarily those dedicated to music education, for this fiscal year. The main reason for this change is RMF’s commitment to resolving the challenge of audience replenishment. By broadening the base of children who participate in music, we hope to fill your concert seats and refresh your subscriber lists. This shift may become more prominent in the next fiscal year. While the application remains the same, please anticipate an increase in restricted funding. The Finance Committee will carefully review your program information in relation to RMF’s mission when making these awards. If you would like to specifically request restricted funding for a program, please note that in the first question of the packet.

Because RMF is a public charity, all materials submitted to it are open to public inspection.

We will notify you if RMF’s Finance Committee intends to meet with your organization’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer to discuss your organization’s Application for Grant.  If RMF made a grant to your organization for the current fiscal year that is restricted as to purpose, be prepared to discuss the outcomes of the grant at that meeting.

We remind you of the following points that have prompted questions in the past:

  1. Whether or not “based” in Berks County, only music organizations that perform primarily in Berks County are eligible for funding by RMF.
  2. The fact that RMF previously awarded funds for the same or a similar purpose is not relevant to the determination of a later Application for Grant. Every fiscal year is a new year.
  3. RMF may restrict or impose conditions on grants, whether or not the applicant requests that.
  4. The success of RMF’s public campaign directly impacts the availability of funds for award. In short, your organization’s support of RMF’s campaign this season is directly relevant to the total amount RMF has available to appropriate.
  5. Awards will reflect the relative importance RMF’s Board of Trustees places upon the elements of RMF’s mission. Those priorities will change from time to time.

The absolute deadline for all application materials is Friday, February 24, 2017 at 5 p.m. We will consider an application complete when all questions that follow are answered and the application and all required documents have been physically received in RMF’s office (electronic copies are fine – assume if the email was not confirmed the application was not received.  We suggest that you email or hand carry these items to RMF’s office.  Postmarks are irrelevant.

For Music Performance/Music Education Organizations:
2017-2018 Full Appropriation Packet

For Individuals/Special Projects:
2017-2018 Special Project Application