This page showcases a few of our Operation Replay instruments waiting for repairs. If you’d like to direct your donation towards adopting an instrument, we’ll use your gift to get this instrument repaired and placed with an area student who is waiting to join their school music program.

For families in need of an Operation Replay instrument: your school music teacher must recommend you for an instrument through Operation Replay. If there is one immediately available, it will be placed with you right away. Otherwise, you will go on a waiting list for an upcoming repair or donation.


Operation Replay No. 1292
Estimated Repair: $50

Noblet Clarinet

Operation Replay No. 966
Estimated Repair: $100

Artley Flute

Operation Replay No. 1519
Estimated Repair: $150

Selmer Clarinet

Operation Replay No. 957
Estimated Repair Cost: $75

Holton Saxophone

Operation Replay No. 1159
Estimated Repair: $250

Pan-American Trumpet

Operation Replay No. 1234
Estimated Repair: $50

Bundy Trombone

Operation Replay No. 962
Estimated Repair: $100

Vito Clarinet

Operation Replay No. 1253
Estimated Repair: $125

Geimenhardt Piccolo

Operation Replay No. 929
Estimated Repair: $35

Conn Euphonium

Operation Replay No. 1016
Estimated Repair: $150