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How do you help your child succeed in overall academic performance? By supporting your school’s music education program! English, Mathematics, Science and Foreign language skills are all positively impacted by your child’s participation in your school’s chorus, orchestra or band. While many schools are cutting or downsizing their existing music classes, research and experience bear out that music appreciation and music performance in school are central to developing the whole child. Studies confirm that participation in music makes an even greater impact upon the life skills and academic performance of financially challenged and other a-risk students. Music invites creativity, self-expression, healthy release of emotions and self-esteem. Music and the arts are a critical part of a thriving community.

RMF offers you advocacy tools that can be used in multiple fashions – as educational or advocacy pieces. Additionally, RMF provides coaching and designs plans for area music associations, parents, students, and educators to teach them how to advocate for their school music programs. In recent years, RMF has worked with multiple local districts in an effort to preserve, support, and strengthen the music education programs for the students and communities of Berks County. We consider it part of our mission to to do so!