5 Sep 2018

National Statistics and Facts

…From the Children’s Music Workshop’s “Top Ten Advocacy Points for Everyone”: The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania School District analyzed its 1997 dropout rate in terms of students’ musical experience. Students with no ensemble performance experience had a dropout rate of 7.4 percent. Students with one to two years of ensemble experience had a dropout rate of 1 […]

5 Sep 2018

RMF and Advocacy

How do you help your child succeed in overall academic performance? By supporting your school’s music education program! English, Mathematics, Science and Foreign language skills are all positively impacted by your child’s participation in your school’s chorus, orchestra or band. While many schools are cutting or downsizing their existing music classes, research and experience bear […]

5 Sep 2018

Why Advocate for School Music Programs?

Reading Musical Foundation has been a local advocate for music education for a number of years, and has access to decades of statistics and testimonials at the district, local, state and national level. We make this data available to any district or advocate. 1. Curricular Value of Music Education The first and foremost reason behind […]

5 Sep 2018

On facebook®? Then join PLAN: The PMEA Leadership Advocacy Network.

PLAN: The PMEA Leadership Advocacy Network – “the official PMEA facebook® group dedicated to strengthening and/or saving school music programs” (administered by Rich Victor). Click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PLANAdvocacy

5 Sep 2018

Check out these words of our local students and educators…

We loved reading these articles recently in The Reading Eagle! Playing music boosts intelligence – Jill Crosby, Exeter HS In quest for STEM, keep a grip on the arts – Jenny Xie, Wilson HS Music unlocks deepest mysteries of the brain – Sneha Anmalsetty, Wilson HS Early education key to developing interest in STEAM – Dr. Jill M. Hackman, Executive Director, BCIU […]

5 Sep 2018

Did you see this recent press courtesy of PennsylvaniaHomes?

Reading Musical Foundation: Keeping Kids in School in Berks County http://www.pennsylvaniahomes.com/articles/reading-music-foundation 

29 May 2018

Our Collection of Helpful Music Advocacy Links

(Last updated 01.08.19) Recently added to our list: Music Matters (in brochure format) – “Building on the first release of Music Matters in 2011, the Arts Education Partnership reviewed multiple research studies identified within ArtsEdSearch — the national clearinghouse of rigorous arts education research — to explorethe importance of music on student learning outcomes. This updated resource explores the […]

16 Jan 2018

Our Collection of Useful Music Quotes and Quips

(Last updated 01.16.18, with the most recent additions at the top of each list.) Favorite quotes…  “If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.” – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan “The only thing better that singing is more singing.” – Ella Fitzgerald “You can’t use up creativity.The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou “The […]

1 May 2014

RMF Position Statement on Viable, Sequential & Enduring School Music Progams for All Children

(Approved by RMF Board of Trustees, May 2014) “So strongly are school music instruction and ensemble opportunities correlated with persistence in school, college admissions and life skills that their value in the public school curriculum cannot be denied.  Taxpayers and the school boards that represent them should consider those experiences essential to the education of […]