RMF Merit Application for College Tuition Applicants


The application window for RMF’s 2024 College Tuition Auditions is now closed. Merit applications must be complete and submitted by Friday, January 26, 2024, to be considered for the 2024 merit auditions. The deadline for merit auditions is strictly enforced. Applications must be submitted via website by 11:59 PM on deadline date. Submitted applications should be complete (photo, music selections, college materials, etc.).

Audition Date & Location: TBD

College Tuition Applicants

  • Awards are available for high school seniors planning to major in music at an accredited school of post-secondary education. One scholarship is available for students who have a music minor and a non-music major, but eligible students must study with a teacher has eligible membership with Reading Music Teachers Association.
  • Students must have been accepted as a music major by an accredited school of post-secondary education by the time of the audition.
  • If not specified, the student must attend high school in, or reside in, Berks County.
  • Vocalists must include a piece performed in a foreign language.
  • Memorization: pianists and vocalists must memorize both selections. Instrumentalists and organists are not required to memorize either selection.
  • RMF requests that students limit their college auditions to no more than two instruments. To discuss further, please contact RMF’s office directly.


  • Students must be residents of Berks County. Some scholarships require students to attend a Berks County school as well. RMF will confirm eligible scholarships with you.
  • Recent photo for identification (this can be a simple photo from your phone’s camera roll).
  • In addition to the other application requirements, students must include a copy of their high school transcripts and two letters of recommendation (only one recommendation may be from a music teacher) with their application.
  • Non-refundable payment of $20 ($10/siblings) to cover uniform application fee for all merit scholarships (payable to RMF if sending a check) Families may request to have the fee waived on the application if there is a financial concern.
  • Title of selections to be performed at the audition, as well as the name of the accompanist if you are using one.
  • For students applying to audition for multiple instruments, please submit a separate application for each instrument.

Applications should be complete at the time of submission. Students submitting incomplete applications risk losing their audition placement or review consideration.